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RDM Associates Nonprofit Client Testimonials

  • As an organization we have been very happy with our partnership with RDM Associates. We consider it a partnership rather than a purchased service - it that critical of a function to our Agency. When we considered outsourcing our finance functions we were concerned we would lose access to information having it be outside of the Agency, lose resource as we consolidated those staff remaining, and lose some oversight of the function. None of that came true, and in fact, having the experts do the work rather than trying to house the experts within our non-profit has added expertise, capacity and an overall confidence that our financials are accurate and complete.

    When we had finance in-house it was a smaller department and mostly dependent on a few key positions to possess the financial information, do higher level analysis and to complete all of the monthly and yearly financial tasks. Our contracts were becoming more and more complex and requiring higher level skill sets. By hiring RDM Associates, managing those issues became their responsibility and freed us up to maintain our focus on our mission and serving clients. They bring the staffing, capacity and skills to help manage our finances and, in partnership, enhance our financial acumen.

    I would, and have, recommended RDM Associates to other organizations. In doing so, I always say that they are professional, partners in the truest sense, and act as if they are part of our Agency, working to help us meet our mission - and even have the ability to expand it.

    ClientPresident/CEOFoster Care and Health Services Organizations
  • Our biggest concern was accessibility. We worried that outsourcing all of our financial needs to a firm located several miles from our office would be logistically challenging. We worried that we would not get timely answers to questions if we weren’t able to just walk into a CFO’s office. In fact, the physical distance has not been a problem for us. It’s as if the RDM Associates staff members are part of our staff – because they are. It’s seamless. They answer our questions on a timely basis and are always available by telephone, email, web-conferencing or in person.

    There are so many things that RDM Associates does/has done to help me and my colleagues. If I had to choose only one thing, I’d say reports. We have a lot of financial reports that need to be customized depending on the audience and purpose. RDM Associates has created both standard and custom reports that are clear, concise and accurate. They really listen to us and work as part of our team to ensure the best outcomes in all situations.

    For the amount of money that an organization would typically spend on an in-house CFO, we hired an entire firm of competent professionals who work collaboratively with us as part of our team. Because of the work they do for us, I can sleep better at night knowing that all aspects of our financial processes - ranging from accounts payable/receivable to accounting to investment tracking to IRS filings, and more - are all in good order.

    ClientVice President of OperationsLarge Foundation
  • RDM Associates has allowed us to eliminate/minimize the non-audit accounting effort we typically see with our nonprofit clients. RDM Associates helps us, as auditors, by ensuring that everything is prepared and ready at audit time. Schedules and support are prepared accurately and are provided to us in an organized and secure fashion using RDM Associates secure site. RDM Associates staff are helpful, knowledgeable, and make the entire audit process as smooth as possible.

    This has allowed us to focus more attention on audit procedures, timely completion of audits, little to no proposed journal entries, and reduced time spent in the field. This has helped ensure there are no unexpected billings to our clients.

    We always recommend RDM Associates to our other nonprofit clients that are in need of their services. They are a valuable resource of CPA's and accountants.

    ClientAudit ManagerInternational Audit Firm
  • As a person who has spent her entire career in nurturing relationships (not Finance) – I have known that hiring the right finance people was something that needed to be done for the non-profit I represented, as well as, for my own career.

    If our agency had not hired you, not only would we be underwater, but I’d be working somewhere else.

    Other organizations have made it very clear to me that they are seeking a strong finance team to help their agencies. It is so easy to recommend your company!

    Your team members are truly amazing. Everyone has been a GIFT to our agency!

    ClientPresident/CEOHousing and Urban Development Agency



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