Accountants for Nonprofits in Michigan & the U.S.


RDM Associates – Can Your Nonprofit Benefit from Outsourced Accounting?

Cash Management

  • Do you know if you’ll have enough cash to meet your current obligations?
  • Do you know if your cash needs will be met for future financial obligations?

Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Does your organization know how to budget and forecast effectively?
  • Do you manage your budgeting process with accuracy and efficiency?

Customized Reports

  • Do you wish you had flexible reports that give you real-time feedback on your key performance indicators?

Customer and Vendor Management

  • Are your billings timely and customer accounts always current?
  • Are your vendors paid on time?

Audit Readiness

  • Is your annual audit process smooth?

Accounting Staff and Department Management

  • Do you have a professional, experienced accounting staff?

Knowledge Management/Transition Planning

  • Can you keep up with technology?
  • Are you confident in your accounting department’s succession planning and knowledge management?
  • Are you prepared for turnover in your accounting department?

State of the Art Systems and Technology

  • Are your financial systems well designed and properly maintained?
  • Do you have reliable backup of critical data and disaster recovery plans in place?

RDM Associates is the premier accounting firm for nonprofit organizations in Michigan. Why RDM Associates?

RDM Associates was founded in 1996 and grew as a traditional accounting firm serving small business clients with write up, tax and consulting services. Its outsourced accounting specialization within the non-profit industry began in 2003, evolving over the next few years to become the firm’s primary business focus. The RDM Associates outsourced package of services is customized to specific client organizational needs. By leveraging its seasoned staff of experts, RDM Associates provides the full scope of financial and accounting services, ranging from executive level support through the complete roster of financial functions, as required by the client.

A fundamental premise of the RDM Associates business model is the application of technology enhancements and continuous process improvement concepts in our internal throughput and output activities. This functionality enables the production of the uniquely customized reports that our clients have relied on to manage critical financial decisions over the years. Read more about our accounting services for nonprofits…