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Ann Arbor Accountants for Nonprofit Organizations in Michigan

Don’t risk it! Trust the best accounting firm for nonprofits in Ann Arbor. RDM Associates brings creative new services to Ann Arbor business owners and Ann Arbor non-profit organizations that help them improve their performance. We have earned the trust and confidence of our clients in Ann Arbor by providing meaningful profit and business development guidance. Our value proposition recognizes the importance of our clients’ valuable time. We utilize the latest nonprofit accounting technologies to serve them efficiently – and with minimum investment of their time and resources. We believe that goal achievement doesn’t just happen – it is planned and managed!

The trusted nonprofit accountants in Ann Arbor

We are the premier accounting firm serving nonprofits in Ann Arbor. Using world class nonprofit accounting technology and nonprofit financial software applications we deliver superior quality output to Ann Arbor executives and Boards of Directors. A wide selection of customized reports can be deployed as required to support any need for high-level or detailed analysis used in critical decision-making.

Our solution saves Ann Arbor nonprofits money! How? It can eliminate a company’s need for a fully staffed in-house accounting department. Our Ann Arbor non-profit accounting clients achieve dramatically reduced personnel, turnover, training, physical infrastructure and technology costs. Further, our diligence over the books often uncovers areas where additional savings and efficiencies can be gained and normally results in an improvement in internal controls. Frequently, our Ann Arbor nonprofit customers will retain only upper level financial managers as employee staff.


Hire the best! RDM Associates – Accountants for nonprofit organizations in Ann Arbor. Experience the difference!

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Proven Processes

Proven accounting processes are building blocks to achieving profitability. Creating those building blocks requires accounting practices to be efficient and accurate, allowing for timely financial reporting and proper cash flow management. Applying our proven techniques to common accounting tasks, we achieve high levels of efficiency, dependability and accuracy in all functional areas.

Enhanced Controls

The solid internal control structure and processes utilized by RDM Associates ensures that your nonprofit organization’s financial risks are minimized while providing the continuing effectiveness of those controls as your nonprofit organizations grows. RDM Associates is able to enhance your current internal controls beyond your existing accounting department through continuous oversight by its team of experts.

Among other things, the properly customized suite of internal controls will provide reasonable assurance regarding:

  • Effectiveness and efficiency of operations;
  • Prevention, or detection in a timely manner, of errors and irregularities;
  • Reliability of financial reporting;
  • Timely feedback regarding the achievement of operational or strategic goals;
  • Fraud detection and protection of the organization’s resources, both physical and intangible;
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Don’t settle for second best. RDM Associates is the premier accounting firm for nonprofits in Ann Arbor.